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Here is the step-by-step tutorial to setup your first poll with FireWebb Poll Manager.

  1. From WHMCS Admin go on the FireWebb Poll Manager module page and click Create New Poll



  1. Add the Question you want to ask, an Description (if needed) and the Start date  / End date. Here you can also Disable the poll to make it inactive.


Add question and description to poll


  1. Add the predefined Answers for the question of the Poll you've just created. Add each Answer and assign an Order (0 being the first on the top). You can add also an Open Answer to give the customer the chance to express other options.


Add the answers to the pool you'we just created

Add further answers

Add further questions


You can always edit the question and the answer, change dates or enabling/ disabling the poll.

The customer will see the the latest Poll on his client area Dashboard and the link to browse other active polls as well.


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